Facebook's Messenger Lite has got richer with more features such as animated GIFs and most customization features that were available in the full-sized Messenger app.
Published 06-Dec-2018 15:19 IST
He said he'd be back and now he is, a new Terminator robot.
Published 28-Nov-2018 11:44 IST | Updated 11:49 IST
Rome: A new study suggests excessive use of social media, particularly posting "selfie" photos, can cause increased narcissism.
Published 20-Nov-2018 17:22 IST | Updated 17:26 IST
Amazon on Monday released "Alexa Skill Blueprints" allowing users to create personalised skills and responses for its voice-based assistant Alexa in India.
Published 20-Nov-2018 00:15 IST
People's social media usage, which largely mirrors daily work schedules and school calendars, is causing a huge amount of "social jet lag" and disrupting their biological clocks, reveals a study that analysed patterns of activity on the social media platform Twitter.
Published 18-Nov-2018 00:15 IST
Facebook is testing a feature called "Watch Videos Together" on Messenger that would enable simultaneous co-viewing of videos over a group chat on different devices.
Published 17-Nov-2018 15:52 IST
Facebook-owned photo-messaging app Instagram is now rolling out its own "Your Activity" feature that would track how much time users spend on the app.
Published 15-Nov-2018 20:31 IST
Tokyo: Japan's Digital Content Expo, or DC Expo is a place for inventors and innovators to gather to show off their latest ideas in all things digital. Airline company ANA is showing off its latest technology in the form of the ANA AVATAR, which they say will allow users to travel all over theMore
Published 15-Nov-2018 16:00 IST
Dating app Tinder on Tuesday announced it has added 23 new gender options for users in India to allow them to add information about the orientation they believe represents them most authentically.
Published 14-Nov-2018 17:35 IST
Madrid: The world's most popular freeware instant messaging app confirmed its prior announcement that, as of Monday, any users who have not backed up their stored data and chats on Google Drive will lose their chat histories.
Published 13-Nov-2018 09:15 IST
New Delhi: Recently, Apple revealed some issues related to iPhone X. The company said that screens of some iPhone X have issues of quick response when touched.
Published 11-Nov-2018 07:46 IST
Moscow: It's a journey through automotive history. Yegorov auction house in Moscow is putting its lot of rare cars on display before auction later this month.
Published 10-Nov-2018 13:41 IST | Updated 15:28 IST
Paris (France): Lithium has transformed batteries - its high energy density and slow self discharge is propelling forward the growth of electric cars in the UK.
Published 09-Nov-2018 12:03 IST | Updated 12:34 IST
San Francisco: Google CEO Sundar Pichai has said the company has worked out a new comprehensive policy to address diversity and sexual harassment that became a great concern of Google employees.
Published 09-Nov-2018 08:34 IST
Facebook is planning to roll out a new update to Messenger that will allow users to delete sent messages from chat threads within 10 minutes of sending.
Published 08-Nov-2018 11:57 IST
Washington: In a 2.48 minute clip that is going viral on social media, a baby bear can be seen teaches all how not to give up and keep at it.
Published 08-Nov-2018 11:34 IST
Lisbon: Opening its eyes to the world at annual tech event Web Summit in Lisbon, is this new sociable robot, named Furhat. It is Stockholm-based Furhat Robotics' first market-ready droid, built specifically for face-to-face interactions. It's able to speak, listen and even show emotions.
Published 08-Nov-2018 09:47 IST
Adding to its "holiday Stories" edition Facebook on Wednesday rolled out a special Diwali "Story" feature exclusively to users in India that would enable them to see, share experiences as well as connect with their loved ones.
Published 07-Nov-2018 13:22 IST
Do you get frustrated and angry when your WiFi connection stops working? It could be because of your personality, says a research.
Published 05-Nov-2018 09:10 IST
Google on Thursday announced its smart speaker Home will now be able to respond in Hindi with uniquely Indian contexts.
Published 01-Nov-2018 15:24 IST

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