New Delhi: It is no secret that adolescents who identify as LGBTQ often face victimisation and bullying because of their sexual and/or gender identity. A recent study suggests that high percentages of LGBTQ youth are also teased and bullied because of their body weight.
Published 13-Feb-2019 09:50 IST
New Delhi: New research conducted at OHSU in Portland, Oregon, identifies a gene that could provide a new target for developing medication to prevent and treat alcoholism.
Published 10-Feb-2019 18:15 IST
New Delhi: A new study conducted in China finds that eating an egg a day may lower risk of cardiovascular disease.
Published 10-Feb-2019 19:11 IST
New Delhi: A new study now has identified a measurable indicator that could prove instrumental in the fight against HIV. George Mason University's Yuntao Wu focused on Cofilin, a key protein that regulates cells to mobilise and fight against infection.
Published 10-Feb-2019 17:05 IST
Washington D.C.: While many might agree that having your favourite ice cream can soothe your soul during a rough phase of your life, a recent study suggests that weight loss, nutrient boosting and fat reduction diets can reduce the symptoms of depression.
Published 06-Feb-2019 12:33 IST
New Delhi: A new study, published in Experimental Physiology by researchers from the University of Glasgow, has highlighted several of the positive health effects of short duration, high-intensity resistance exercise training programme in overweight men.
Published 30-Jan-2019 19:18 IST
Beijing: Working at night shifts can damage a person's DNA, increasing the risk of cancer as well as cardiovascular, metabolic, and neuro degenerative diseases, a study has found.
Published 27-Jan-2019 17:47 IST
London: Trained dogs have the potential to vastly improve the quality of life of people living with Type 1 diabetes by helping them regulate their blood sugar in a non-invasive way, according to a study.
Published 16-Jan-2019 13:59 IST
Washington: Scientists have designed a novel long-acting contraceptive that can be self-administered by women using a painless microneedle skin patch.
Published 15-Jan-2019 13:28 IST
New Delhi: Women belonging to low-income households face difficulty in accessing basic sanitary supplies, a recent study suggests. While access to menstrual hygiene products has been generating attention in the developing world, low-income women and girls struggle to afford period supplies and oftenMore
Published 13-Jan-2019 10:21 IST
San Francisco: Social media and smartphone use has been linked with worsening mental health among teenagers. But now researchers are exploring how the devices could be used to spot signs of depression.
Published 04-Jan-2019 05:00 IST
New York: While many people rely on chicken noodle soup to soothe a cold, very few know about the other ways the broth brings relief, a dietician says.
Published 02-Jan-2019 14:58 IST
Turns out, the drugs taken during the treatment of breast cancer have some side effects that impact the brain. Published in the Journal of Neuroscience, the research established the common marmoset as an important non-human primate model for studying the effects of estrogen-reducing treatments onMore
Published 30-Dec-2018 20:43 IST
Do you have an obsession for sugary beverages like sodas, mocktails and concoctions? If so, there might be some alarming news for you! High consumption of sweet beverages is linked to development of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) over time.
Published 30-Dec-2018 18:07 IST
According to a new study, a huge number of children are dying from opioid poisonings. Nearly 9,000 pediatric deaths were attributed to opioids from 1999 through 2016, the study showed.
Published 30-Dec-2018 17:26 IST
According to a recent study, a signalling molecule called interleukin-6 plays a critical role in reducing belly fat. The study was published in the journal 'Cell Metabolism'.
Published 30-Dec-2018 16:59 IST
New Delhi: The party season is upon us! Everything from weddings, to never-ending New Year Celebrations, give us a reason to let loose and party like there is no tomorrow.
Published 30-Dec-2018 07:00 IST
New York: Elderly people above 65 who are newly diagnosed with heart failure can continue moderate alcohol drinking without worsening their condition, a new study suggests.
Published 29-Dec-2018 14:51 IST
Washington: Pain is something that we all share. But, have you ever wondered about how you know what that pain is about?
Published 29-Dec-2018 02:00 IST
Washington: A study has observed that maternal diabetes can lead to fetal heart development of the child. Congenital heart disease (CHD) is the most common birth defect, and even with remarkable advances in care, it remains the leading cause of non-infectious death in infants.
Published 27-Dec-2018 02:00 IST

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