Kampala, Uganda: A premature baby unit at a hospital in Uganda is spearheading a move to build the country's first breast milk bank.
Published 03-Dec-2018 13:07 IST | Updated 13:16 IST
According to a recent study, it is crucial for women going through menopause to follow a healthy lifestyle as it may offset the acceleration of atherosclerosis, the slow narrowing of the arteries that increases with age.
Published 29-Nov-2018 14:58 IST
Washington D.C: Researchers have found a link between trauma in childhood and psychotic experiences at the age of 18.
Published 24-Nov-2018 14:20 IST | Updated 15:11 IST
This common herb has an answer to all your health issues! Holy Basil also known as tulsi is one of the most common plants found in Indian households. It has many medicinal applications and is used since ancient times for healing various health ailments. It is used in the treatment of variousMore
Published 21-Nov-2018 10:52 IST | Updated 11:14 IST
While insomnia is one of the most common symptoms of menopause, undergoing surgical menopause is likely to worsen the sleep disorder, warns a new study.
Published 16-Nov-2018 00:15 IST
Capaccio (Italy): Any foodie will tell you that the best buffalo mozzarella comes from the Campania region of Italy. Now, one organic farmer in the region says his buffalo herds make the best cheese of all - thanks to an organic diet, on demand grooming and a love of Mozart.
Published 12-Nov-2018 13:20 IST
Hormones could be the reason why cannabis affects women differently than men, brain studies on animals and humans suggest.
Published 28-Oct-2018 00:15 IST
A global study of women with ovarian cancer has found that two-third of women had never heard of the disease, or did not know anything about it before their diagnosis. Although some of them had experienced symptoms prior to diagnosis, fewer than half of those women visited a doctor within a month ofMore
Published 20-Oct-2018 00:15 IST
Tennessee: A young woman, Marisha Dotson (28) from the US never thought that she would be able to smile again. A tiny eruption on her nose that initially appeared to be an acne, led to a painstaking journey for four years, as it involved 49 facial surgeries.
Published 07-Oct-2018 02:00 IST | Updated 20:52 IST
A new study has shed light on the prevalence of sexual harassment and assault and negative implications for women's mental and physical health.
Published 04-Oct-2018 10:35 IST
Fewer daylight hours during the third trimester of pregnancy may add to a woman's risk of developing postpartum depression once the baby is born, suggests new research.
Published 30-Sep-2018 00:15 IST
New Delhi [India]: In a unique effort by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, September has been declared as the National Nutrition Month for the country. Focusing on nutrition and health benefits, an important aspect of this initiative is to concentrate on efforts towards a healthy living. As an additionMore
Published 29-Sep-2018 13:04 IST
Adolescents suffering from Type-1 diabetes may benefit from Vitamin B supplements as it improves kidney functions by protecting against development and progression of renal diseases, a new study has found.
Published 29-Sep-2018 11:12 IST
While it's a known fact that there are many physical and mental health benefits of breastfeeding for mothers and babies, according to the latest research, this might be due to genetic changes induced by breastfeeding.
Published 28-Sep-2018 00:15 IST
Pregnant women can enhance the development of their unborn child's eyesight and brain function by regularly eating fatty fish during the pregnancy, a new study has found.
Published 26-Sep-2018 00:15 IST
London: Removing displays of tobacco products from shops may have reduced the proportion of children buying cigarettes by 17 per cent, claimed a new research.
Published 23-Sep-2018 14:26 IST
Mumbai: According to the World Health Organization, about 2.6 lakh Indians die annually due to alcohol consumption, lung disease and cancer.
Published 23-Sep-2018 14:46 IST
Washington D.C. [USA]: According to a new study, a behavioral program to reduce harmful stress in cancer patients can be taught to therapists from around the country and implemented at their sites, which effectively improves the moods of their patients.
Published 21-Sep-2018 12:50 IST
Washington D.C.: Apart from building healthy bones, vitamin D also may reduce cancer risk as well as breast cancer mortality, especially in women with a lower body mass index.
Published 19-Sep-2018 13:17 IST
The elevated risks included three conditions classified as autoimmune or rheumatologic disorders: Sjogren's syndrome, with a risk about eight times higher than in the general population; scleroderma, a seven-fold increase in risk; and rheumatoid arthritis, about a six-fold increase in risk.
Published 18-Sep-2018 17:24 IST

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